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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

Here are the top paying Google Adsense Keywords taken from the below website.


1 conference calling companies $51.66
2 purchase structured settlements $51.48
3 home owner secured loan $50.36
4 mesothelioma patient $50.23
5 austin texas dwi lawyer $50.03
6 phoenix dui lawyers $50.01
7 phoenix dui attorney $50.00
7 secured loans $50.00
7 insurance auto $50.00
10 car free insurance online quote $49.96
11 secured loans calculator $49.94
12 boston dui lawyer $49.87
12 student debt consolidation loans $49.87
14 new york mesothelioma lawyers $49.83
15 san diego dui defense $49.78
16 data recovery denver $49.56
17 adverse credit remortgages $49.47
18 bad credit remortgages $49.37
19 consolidating student loans $49.27
20 student loan consolidation rates $49.17
21 pennsylvania mesothelioma lawyers $49.05
22 auto insruance $48.69
23 dui attorney los angeles $48.60
24 memphis car insurance $48.59
25 mesothelioma attorneys san diego $48.57
26 endowments selling $48.34
27 phoenix arizona dui lawyer $48.32
28 dui san diego $48.28
28 los angeles dwi attorney $48.28
30 student loan consolidation interest rates $48.20
30 student consolidation loan $48.20
32 mesothelioma lawyers san diego $48.13
33 irs tax lawyers $48.1134 nj auto insurance $48.08
35 los angeles criminal defense attorney $48.00
36 data recovery service los angeles $47.97
37 consolidating private student loans $47.96
38 free quotes for car insurance $47.73
39 in car insurance $47.68
40 personal injury attorneys pennsylvania $47.66
41 structured settlement investment $47.64
42 lemon law california $47.63
43 los angeles criminal attorney $47.59
44 uk homeowner loan $47.53
45 arizona dui attorney $47.45
46 consolidation student loans $47.44
47 injury lawyers 4 you $47.39
48 personal injury lawyer chicago $47.30
49 georgia car accident lawyers $47.28
50 philadelphia personal injury lawyers $47.13
50 structured settlement buyer $47.13

The rest of the top 1000 can be found at the below website.


Building Backlinks

Creating backlinks to your website is very important for many reasons. Not only does it drive more traffic to your website, but it also increases rankings - such as Google Pagerank. (PR)

You can create backlinks in a whole number of forms. Posting a comment on this blog (below) allows you to post a link to your website. Why not do that now!? Signature advertising at a forum will create a backlink each time you post a message!

Coming Soon - a list of websites/blogs that allow you to add your website for free.

Adsense - Tips/Tricks to increase your income

Here are a few tips and tricks to earning a bigger income with Google Adsense.

1. Your website's title should include the high paying keywords, wherever possible.
2. Use the official Adsense heat map to help you decide where to place your ad units.
3. Create a colour scheme to match your website. For example, my adsense has a white background, a white border and blue text.
4. In forums, place adsense after the first post - so your ads appear in between the content.

More tips/tricks to come. If you have any, please post a message below.

Forum Advertising - Tips/Tricks

Here are some top tips to get the most views of your forum adverts. Feel free to add your own tips, by leaving a comment.

1 Always have a good subject line. This is what people see first! Offering a service in the subject line will attract attention - eg. "Add your link to my website."

2 Posting at smaller forums will get your adverts MORE views per ad than at larger forums! This is because your ads stay in view for much longer!

3 At the end of your post, place a "P.S." with a sentence such as."P.S. Visit now, as this offer is only available for a short time"

4 Make use of your signature! Not only will it get you more traffic, it will increase the number of links pointing towards your websites! Tips to writing a good signature can be found here.

5 Replying to your own message will put your post top of the list again. Some forums don't allow repeating a message, but you can get around this by posting "updates."

6 Start a forum of your own! As the admin, you can set your ads as stickies or announcements - your ads will appear above everyone else's - therefore getting a lot more views.

7 Make use of your control panel. This makes updating your threads easily. Simply click on "subscribed threads" or "view your posts" - depending on the forum.

You can find a list of advertising forums here.

Signature Advertising in a forum

When you sign up to a forum, the first thing you should do is create a signature. This will gain you free traffic just for participating in a conversation.

Keeping it simple works just as well as something more elaborate. My current signature at Digital Point is....

Homepage http://www.make-money-online-uk.net/
SEO Helpdesk http://free-seo-helpdesk.blogspot.com/
Football Forum - Watch Live Football for FREE http://premier-league.110mb.com/forum/

It's just a simple 3 lined signature, but it works well.

For a list of forums that allow signature advertising, click here.

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